About Brane Capital

We are a Canadian fintech company, focused on the emergent digital asset market. Brane has the tools, systems and processes to enable large FIs to offer custody services securely and rapidly, anywhere on the planet.

Our mission is to bridge the existing, mature financial institution and the emerging blockchain spaces. We provide safe digital asset custody in partnership with large financial institutions.

We are amongst the very few custodian to be ISO 27001, 27017 and NIST lvl 4 certified specifically for digital assets under management. Brane’s custody offering enables your team to focus on business growth.

Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin Founder
Paul Rowland
Paul Rowland CFO
Marc André Groulx
Marc André Groulx Security Consultant
Dalton McGuinty
Dalton McGuinty Director
Jay Ewart
Jay Ewart Director
Adam Miron
Adam Miron Chairman
Chris Desjardins
Chris Desjardins Technical Advisor
Sylvain Viau
Sylvain Viau Security Advisor

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