Custom implementation and enterprise support

Brane offers a complete custody solution, perfectly tailored to your institution’s needs, built from the ground up to accommodate financial institutions and financial service providers.


A perfect fit

Custom implementation is a major component of Brane’s end to end custody offering. We deliver a working product, perfectly customized to your organization’s needs.


Our experts are there to support you

Operational support - asset on-boarding / off-boarding, tax, audit, reporting, compliance - we do it all. Our experts are there to support you.

Private Key

Stay in control of your private keys

Private key management is at the core of blockchain security. Brane helps you create, track and manage your keys. From creation to operations, recovery, and disposal, Brane offers an end-to-end private key management suite that can be customized to fit your institution’s needs.

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Together we can get started on equipping you with a secure, enterprise-grade custody solution.